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Article Marketing

Increase Website Traffic with Article Marketing Software

Article marketing is a highly effective online advertising strategy through which people write and submit informative articles on the web based on the area of business and entrepreneurship in which they specialize. Article submission websites, also known as article directories or article syndication portals, feature these articles on their high-traffic …

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adwords for education

The Crossroads of Digital Marketing for Higher Education in India

The recent interest in all things digital emanating from the august hallways of knowledge and wisdom has taken the digital and online marketing industry both by surprise and by storm. Each day, new institutes, coaching centers and even universities from all over India join the fray through banner advertising, super-optimized …

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google cafeen

World’s #1 Search Engine Achieves Major Milestone for Google Traffic with Google Caffeine

The Google Cyber Megaphone It is customary for Google to make major announcements through official blog posts. Whether it is about managing Google traffic statistics, streamlining keyword research or avoiding the pitfalls of duplicate content, Google communicates entirely through the blogosphere. Google Caffeine is certainly no exception. In August 2009, …

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feed burner

Increase website traffic with FeedBurner

Acquisitions Galore from Google What do you expect a cash rich and perhaps the most successful company of the century to do with rich coffers? Buy up other companies? Google has been doing precisely that and for a very good reason. There is synergy in numbers and the customer is …

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Naveen Kapur

My Internet Home

Welcome to my little corner in the vast expanses of cyber space that knows no bounds and continues to evolve rapidly to unbridled heights of infinity. My name is Naveen Kapur and I am an observer of the almighty Internet and just about everything it has to offer and some …

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